Know About Samsung 10 Inch Tablet – A Detailed Review

All you want to know about The Samsung galaxy Tablet

The Samsung galaxy Tablet is a unique product which has been in the market for last couple of years which its three versions already out each one are similar and yet unique in its own way. The three Samsung tablets are 7.0, 8.9 and 10.1 the difference is not just in terms of size as these numbers indicate the size of the tablet in inches. Among all three 8.9 is somehow the perfect one just as Baby Bear’s porridge. And it’s basically the ideal size neither too big nor too small.

Overall all these gadgets are revolutionary and are equally edgy and is the portable all in one gadget of future which can be used for reading books, watch videos, play games and also use it for work as well as learning device for children. All the variations contain front and rear cameras and at the same time it is thin and light. Most of these Samsung galaxy Tablets have a battery life of 8-9 hours.

The Samsung galaxy Tablet its screen size varies from the kind of model you choose and at the same time the pixels of the camera also change but overall these products are high on resolution and are great for watching videos. You can download some of the recent books and use this tablet as your e-book reader. The Samsung galaxy Tablet has a dual processor system and is very fast and can be used for playing all kinds of games. The gadget is lighter than iPad 2 and at the same time these products are competitively priced as i Pad.  The product has a good storage but does not support any kind of removable storage like pen drive or hard disc as it does not have any USB port or any other kind of port besides headphone jack.

The gadget comes in black and white color and has a power button and volume control button at the top of the gadget. Its speaker has good capacity and has good revolution. Its video playback is smooth and supports 3 GP and at the same time MP4, AVI and at the same time FLV media supports.

In the end the 8.9 reminds me, in a good way, of the old single-purpose PMPs of yore. It does quite a bit right and not much wrong and is an interesting and useful bedside, travel, and couch-surfing companion.

The price of Samsung galaxy Tablet is around depending on the storage capacity of the device you take. The product is great and at the same time it is edgy and innovative and is also very user friendly. The product is ergonomically designed and can be held in your hand without any difficulty. The gadget is great and the best part is that it can be carried to anywhere and at the same time be a complete entertainment gadget of the 21st century.

The unique Samsung galaxy tab

Samsung galaxy tab is a revolutionary product and is giving severe competition to i Pad 2. The unique gadget is lighter than hair and is bigger than any of its other counterparts like Motorola xoom and Acer Ionia Tab.  It is one of the highest selling tablet PCs available in the market and one can get great deals if you look out on Amazon and other e-commerce based sites and electronic gadget shops during this Black Friday and Boxing Day sale.

The newest addition to the tablet family is galaxy Tab 10.1 and for starters this gadget is thinnest hand held gadget in the market, measuring just 8.6mm, it is 0.2mm thinner than i Pad 2 and weighs only 565 grams. The product is very economically designed and fits perfectly in your hand and it can also be called the miniature version of Samsung LED HDTV as its resolution is crisp and clear. The product is available in all silver edge and also in all white black versions. The product is a great amalgamation of Kindle e-book reader for reading and at the same time with its great resolution is perfect for watching movies, especially if you are travelling.

This new version can help you open several windows and also resize edges of the pop-up thumbnails. The 10.1 version does not have a USB port where as the Android 3.1 does support USB connection. Samsung Galaxy Tab is all about portability and is the new age product in the second decade of 21st century. The tablet comes with an 8MP rear camera and 2 MP camera on the front side and this feature is also superior that the Apple i Pad2 its major contender.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has a 700m Ah battery and can easily last for 9 days and here again it is superior than the much hyped Apple i Pad 2. The product has a four way accelerometer and gyro and games respond really well on this tablet. This product is the new age entertainment device and with connection to WI FI it is one complete netsurfing , video watching device and at the same time you can download e-books in no time and read it in your leisure time. Its side speakers have great reception. The screen resolution of Galaxy tab 10.1 is has a 2 dual core processor.

It’s a smart buy and the right gadget if you are looking for some portability. The product is officially priced but is available on Amazon. It’s one gadget which can be called the one piece entertainment gadget, you can watch videos, stream web and download as many videos, games, or books you want. The gadget is very user friendly and its touch screen applications are also very smooth. These touch pads can also be future teaching devices where children can virtually see and learn all aspects of any subject they study and also watch videos and interactive lessons on it.


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