Features And Specifications Of Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab does not provide a lot of buttons around its body. There are only Power button and volume. The screen will change to portrait orientation, and vice versa. The screen lock function is available in notification window. The placement of this function in the notification window makes it is easier to lock the screen. The accelerometer function is fairly responsive because the slightest change in orientation will make the screen immediately follow. Other sensor that is available in tab is proximity that adjusts screen brightness according to condition around us automatically.

Samsung Galaxy Tab uses LCD screen with 1024*600 pixel resolution. People are satisfied with the display quality of this gadget. Images look sharp and clear, including when people use this gadget to watch movies. The screen sensitivity is good because when people use fingers to touch, pinch press the screen, tab almost detects the finger movement perfectly. People think Samsung Galaxy Tab will be able to satisfy all of its users. IN the front side it has 1.3 mega pixel cameras, while on the backside it has a 3 mega pixel camera equipped with flash.

The Maps application is also superior on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. The screen is just the right size and with a little bit of Velcro, You should have a very reliable GPS system. You need to have a constant internet connection when traveling, but it is easy to enable Wi-Fi tethering on almost any Smartphone these days. The display has capacitive touch screen with multi touch input. It gives you internal storage as 16 MB storage and it has a card slot of 32 GB memory capacity. It has GPRS connectivity so people are connected all times.

Samsung Galaxy Tab will be useless without high speed internet capabilities. People never have to worry about the broadband capabilities of this device. People will have as much as 7.2 mbps of downloads and 5.76 mbps of uploads. With this much speed, people will have no problems when it comes to downloads, uploads, streaming, browsing, email, and more. The internet will be a touch away.

Samsung Galaxy Tab comes with a processor that offers to give you nothing but sheer power. It comes with a 1 GHZ processor.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 overview:

Samsung has launched a new addition to its Galaxy Tab 3 range in India. The Galaxy Tab is rumored to come with a high-resolution 7 inch display. Tab can be used as a mobile phone. Galaxy Tab can also be used to send email, MMS, SMS and video call. Tab also uses GSM as its network connection and also supports HSDPA. Bluetooth and WiFi are also available for its connection.


The release date of Samsung galaxy tab 3 is not near but its features have been rumored since long. With the release date of Samsung galaxy tab 3, people have so many accessories that are also coming up with the Tab. These official accessories include leather case, charging station of HDMI dock, USB cable adapter too. People also get keyboard dock with it. The table charging station is also necessary for the device and people also need a set of HDMI docks with input and output boards that will make your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 a quick one. People can then load your own choice of movies in your HDTV. The whole leather case will protect your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 to be safe and secure with any external damage.

The screen sensitivity is good. I think Tab will be able to satisfy all of its users. The galaxy is highly featured and giving touch competition. People can enjoy an online experience with the gadget. It is a 3 G smart tablet PC. You can enjoy web browsing with GALAXY TAB 3.It is perfect for business users. It supports the latest adobe flash player as well.

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