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Samsung 10 Inch Tablet

Samsung Tablet PC Many samsung 10 inch tablet have been launched by various companies including, Sony, Dell, Toshiba, Archos, ViewSonic etc. Joining the bandwagon, the latest one is Samsung. It has launched its P1000 Galaxy Tab. Galaxy Tab A tablet pc aims at the masses as its many smart phones have been quite successful with people […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Samsung has launched a new addition to its Galaxy Tab 3 range in India. The Galaxy Tab is rumored to come with a high-resolution 7 inch display. Tab can be used as a mobile phone. Galaxy Tab can also be used to send email, MMS, SMS and video call. Tab also uses GSM as its […]

Galaxy Tab – The Best Tablet For Kids

Galaxy Tab is smaller with 7-inch screen. One positive effect is that this Tab can be grasped easily with one hand, its weight of only 380 grams. Touch-screen on the bottom of the screen is also feels modern. The release date of Samsung galaxy tab 3 is not near but its features have been rumored […]

Features And Specifications Of Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab does not provide a lot of buttons around its body. There are only Power button and volume. The screen will change to portrait orientation, and vice versa. The screen lock function is available in notification window. The placement of this function in the notification window makes it is easier to lock the […]

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